We understand that our business is not only about the homes we sell, but the people we serve. Our extensive portfolio of sales stems from the valuable reviews and referrals of our current and past customers.

How was your experience?


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"Once more, thank you for helping us find our Florida home. You are so kind and generous, all while being so professional. We are very grateful."

Jul 2019




"Jim Zeller is hands down the best! I will be honest and say that he's the only realtor we've worked with directly but can't imagine there are many better in the industry. He helped us get into our first home and did what they could to assist us in attempting a short sale for a condo that we were under water on. Seven years later we didn't think twice about going right to Jim when we started planning to move our family to our new home. We pushed the sale of our home down to the wire because we didn't want to move twice or carry 2 mortgages (we were building a new home) and although we were freaking out, Jim always reassured us that even though there were no guarantees; we were going to sell our home. In the end our buyers closed on their house on Wednesday, we closed on our existing home with the buyers on Thursday and then our new home on Friday. We all worked our tails off, but in the end still feel it would not have happened without Jim. Jim has been a great friend and Realtor to us, and we highly recommend him to anyone who inquires about our experience!"

Mar 2019



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"I have worked with Jim on multiple occasions and he is the best of the best! His knowledge and professionalism are first-rate, and I had a great buyer in a little over a week. Thank you Jim!"

Apr 2019



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"What can I say about Jim Zeller; he is patient, kind, knowledgeable, a genuine and wonderful man. He took time day in and day out to help me and my family find our dream home. We were also moving from another state and needless to say that was a challenge with house shopping. Jim made the time and was honest in regards to the home and the area, which gave me peace of mind that I was choosing the right one. When I did come to visit, I was prepared to view between 8-10 homes that day all of which he worked with me to narrow down so my trip was productive and worthwhile. It surely was and I, as well as my family, are so grateful."

May 2018



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"It was such a pleasure working with Jim. He helped me out when I was in a time of need otherwise I could have been living in a cardboard box under JTB. He also found my financial guy Roger Wagoner who got me financed in 10 days. What a combination they were. I would never have gotten the home that I?m in now without Jim Zeller. God Bless him."

Apr 2019




"I never thought in such a short time of living in Jacksonville, Florida, that I would need to contact my realtor to sell my home that we had only lived in for about 1.5 years. My wife and I were very fortunate to have been referred to Watson Realty Corp., and especially Jim Zeller, when we moved to Jacksonville from Dallas. Jim worked with my wife for about 8 months before we found the perfect home in Jacksonville. From the start, I knew that Jim was a man of integrity and honesty. Even before we moved to Jacksonville, he was hot on the trail to find us that perfect home; but even before that, he was helping me try to find temporary housing. He made the transition from Texas to Florida very easy. I always knew that he had our best interest when showing us our potential home. From the first time, he took us out, listened to our needs and tried to show us everything that was on our wish list. Finally, after many months of searching and many contracts, we found the house and moved in. From the time we closed until we reached out again, Jim kept in contact with us making sure that our transition was going well. He went above and beyond the call of a "realtor"; he does not just sell homes, he helps people realize their dreams. Fast forward, I accepted a new job in Oklahoma and was in need of an excellent realtor and was going through a relocation company. As expected, the relocation company wanted to dictate who we used as a realtor, however, from the get-go I told my the company that I would only use Watson Realty Corp. and Jim Zeller. Jim was a trusted individual that would have our best interest at hand and make sure that our house had the right buyer. I would have fought if they would not have let me use Jim. It was a no brainer - best realtor in Jacksonville needed to sell my home, and that was Jim Zeller. We had to move to Oklahoma while our house was still on the market but I knew there was nothing to worry about because Jim was there and would make sure that things were on track. I had to rely on Jim several occasions to let workers in the house to repair things. Jim would drop everything at once to take care of our property. He went above and beyond of what was expected. I consider Jim a friend that just happens to have a real estate license. You can tell that Jim is passionate about what he does and truly looks after the best interest of his clients. He listens to his clients' needs and tries to match their needs with the house. He knows his property prior to showing and can answer almost any question that is asked and is not afraid to find out the answers if he does not know. When selling, he does all the research as well and provides the seller with an excellent market analysis. It has been 8 months since we left Jacksonville and I have meant to send a note to say how thankful we are that Jim Zeller was placed in our lives. He made moving to Jacksonville a pleasant experience and even helped with us leaving Jacksonville knowing that our house would be treated with the best kind of attention."

Feb 2016